Whether you're traveling and need protection from parasites and bacteria or you're fighting off cold, flus and other immune system assailants, oregano has been proven to be an amazing, simple and effective tool to keep your immune system at 100%, all year long.

This Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano is mixed in a very unique and highly effective and absorbable 7:1 almond:oregano oil ratio. Our oil has a natural carvacrol level of 80.12% to 80.46% (the primary indicator of quality) and is harvested from Turkey. It even comes with a laboratory certificate of analysis, which the "fake" stuff at the grocery store or bulk supplement website doesn't give you.

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano is enormously effective in quickly eliminating yeast or fungal problems that lead to fat gain, eczema

Wild Mediterranean - Oil of Oregano 10ml

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