Manuka Health Manuka Honey is sourced from remote
areas so pristine that the only presence of human activity is the
company's bee-keepers. Using their own experienced staff and
contracting other expert bee-keepers with access to additional
locations that are highly concentrated with Manuka trees, the
company ensures a steady supply of naturally pure, premium
quality honey. This hands-on approach ensures the safety,
integrity and excellence of each jar of honey.

Unique to New Zealand The Manuka tree only grows in
isolated parts of the New Zealand wilderness. Maori tribes boiled
its bark and leaves as part of their herbal tradition. The arrival
of the Europeans brought about the use of Manuka as honey.
Because the land and climate provided a hospitable place for
bees, wild colonies thrived. The rest is history.

Ingredients: Organic Manuka Honey

Manuka Health - Organic Manuka Honey Silver 250g

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