An Ancient grain Native to southern Europe, Spelt has been used for millenniums. Very popular due to its mild nutty flavor and high digestibility, Spelt lends itself well to complex flavors and a myriad of delicious dishes.

• Large plump golden-red colored kernel.
• One of the first 4 founding Ancient grains that boast superior nutrition and digestibility.
• Simple genetic structure that has not been hybridized like current-day wheats.
• Spelt (Triticium, spelta) is about 2000 years younger than Emmer and gave rise to modern bread wheat (Triticum, aestivum).
• Contains a water soluble form of gluten that is easily digested.
• Spelt is a lower gluten grain while being high in protein and fiber as well as rich in vitamin B2, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, thiamin, and copper.

Ingredients: Organic Spelt

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