Organic Camu Camu Powder is a golden brown powder made from a berry fruit that grows on a shrub native to rainforest climates! Camu Camu Powder is fruity and tangy in flavor, making it the perfect addition to blended smoothies and milkshakes. An incredibly healthy food, Camu Camu Powder can also be stirred into drinks, such as water or juice, or into foods, such as yogurt and salad dressings! Keep your cupboard well-stocked with this unique and incredibly healthy product!

HEALTH BENEFITS: Powerful berries!

Certified organic, vegan, gluten and wheat-free, Camu Camu Powder is widely known for its incredible source of vitamin C; every serving of Camu Camu Powder contains more than half of the daily recommended intake! Camu Camu Powder is a excellent source of essential amino acids, a broad range of antioxidants, potassium, and many more vitamins and minerals - all of which help to support your immune system. Camu Camu Powder is also used to help fight inflammation. Though you cannot buy fresh camu fruits in your grocery store, its powder form retains its health benefits since the fruits are gently freeze-dried. </

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