Hulless Barley is the prefferred barley variety if you choose to sprout. Sprouted barley is high in manganese, selenium and fibre, nutrients that aid in lowering cholesterol, providing intestinal protection and regularity. Most of us have enjoyed a hearty soup containing pot, pearl or whole grain barley. By adding whole grain barley to our diets we benefit from the added fibre found in the germ and bran. It takes a little longer to cook making slow cookers an excellent choice for enhancing flavourful, chewy grain that is pasta like in texture.

• Golden color, resembles wheat berries but lighter.
• Low in gluten.
• Barley's dietary fibre provides food for the friendly bacteria in the large intestine.
• The Beta Glucan found in Barley's dietary fibre aids in lowering cholesterol which is helpful in maintaining good heart health.
• As with other whole grains the magnesium and minerals found in Barley aids in lowering the risk of Tyle 2 Diabetes.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Barley

This product is also available in 10lbs, 25lbs or 50lbs bag. Please inquire for pricing details.

Bonjour Marketplace - Organic Barley - Hulled 750g

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