Himalayan Pink Salt naturally contains 84 different minerals, but is low in iodine and potassium. However, these two are present in sea salt, therefore, for a healthy balance, we recommend consuming both in equal amounts.

Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined and does not contain any chemicals, nor is it stripped of its minerals. Its blushing pink hue and all-natural flavor will entice your dishes.

Hand-harvested by our salt-workers, Le Paludier de Guerande coarse salt is natural, grey and additive-free. In compliance with IGP specifications, it is simply drained in the sun after the harvest. Le Paludier de Guerande coarse salt is ideal for day-to-day use in the kitchen, for cooking vegetables, etc.

This product is also available in 10lbs, 25lbs or 50lbs bag. Please inquire for pricing details.

Bonjour Marketplace - Himalayan Pink Salt (C), France Sea Salt (C) Blend 2400g

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