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Comfort Salad

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Ingredients: Chopped Lettuce, Sliced Cucumber, Diced Pickled beets, Sliced Red bell pepper, Sliced Celery, Potato salad (see our "Potato Salad" recipe for reference, Cherry tomato, Beet juice, Olive oil


 1.Put lettuce at the bottom of the container

2.  Spread cucumber slices on the lettuce bed in a rainbow shape

3. Distribute beet pieces over the lower half of the plate

4. Place the mix of red pepper and celery slices below the cucumber.

5. Place a scoop of potato salad on a right corner of the lettuce bed

6. Put cherry tomato around the salad bed in a circle

7. Drizzle beet juice and olive oil over the salad, then serve 

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